This Is How You Do It, Debby

In contrast to Deborah Berke's nightmare around the corner at 48 Bond, (see below) the restoration and makeover of  316 Bowery is underway and it actually looks promising.   The trendy restaurant is already open and packed nightly on the ground floor but, then, that was probably a bar when the 19th century building - originally a hotel - first opened.   No, the upper floors won't look anything like the original, but at least the developers are restoring the facade to its glory days.   This is the opposite of what Deborah Berke, et al. did with their live-in refrigerator condos at 48.  See, Debs?  It's about fitting into the neighborhood, not plopping a scary steel box into an historic area that casts a chill when you pass it.  This restoration looks homey, warm, and inviting and bears no resemblance at all to a robot manufacturing plant.


Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful old building - I'm so glad they didn't tear it down.

ken mac said...

damn I like this. I gotta walk down there and check it.