Ada Louise Huxtable To Receive Louis Auchincloss Prize

Wow. That headline was a mouth full.  But this event is a big deal in the world of New York history and architecture, so you should go if you can.   Ada Louise Huxtable, the architecture critic for the Wall Street Journal and Pulitzer Prize winning historian, is being awarded the Louis Auchincloss Prize at the Museum of the City of New York on December 10th.  Mrs. Huxtable changed the way New Yorkers understood the city and her pointed articles and books have influenced and educated generations on how to view buildings.  She taught that architecture drives the social and cultural force of a city and she fought relentlessly to preserve and protect historical buildings through her articles, essays, books, and activism.  She's the last of a great breed - the native New Yorker who couldn't stand the thought of her city being mangled by thoughtless development and expansion and she pioneered women entering a man's profession by being one of the first women to question and critique architecture.  Ada is living history and this is your one chance to see her speak in person.

Louis Auchincloss Prize
awarded to 
Ada Louis Huxtable
Wednesday, December 10 - 6:30-8:30PM
Museum of the City of New York

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Anonymous said...

Based on your article, I just mozied over to my library to read some of her offerings. Hurray, beauty! Hurray, forward thinking! Hurray, elegant lady hair! Bucktress.